"Essentially I received a recommendation to retain Mr. Iakovou. I went and we spoke for 30 minutes going over everything and he told me to bring him documents he would need, which I did. I was sideswiped by a truck while riding a city bike and I did not get the license plate. My pinky finger was broken and I had lacerations on my right leg from the truck and the fall off the bike.

I was informed to go to MVAIC to get No-Fault Insurance, which I did and the paid for all my medical expenses and physical therapy.

You also have to get your injury remedies from them as well, the max you can get is $25,000. I believe I would have gotten a low ball offer from them of around $5,000, but Michael's skill, influence and presence when he contacted them resulted in him giving me the news that he got me the full $25,000.

So I spoke with him once and gave him everything he asked for as far as documentation which is IMPORTANT people. A month later he told me he got the full amount. That was it."

- Justin, Manhattan, NY

"Michael is a knowledgeable and trustworthy Lawyer. His attention to detail is incomparable. He handled my immigration case very promptly and effectively. I highly recommend him for everyone who tries to acquire a visa or become citizen in the U.S."

- Petros, Astoria, NY

"I was referred to Michael from one of my colleagues when I was in the process of purchasing my first home. Michael is very knowledgeable and professional attorney and a great negotiator. He responds to your request very quickly and I highly recommend his legal services to everyone."

- Lavdie, Westchester, NY

"I have the pleasure of being a business colleague of Michael Iakovou. He is well spoken, and a consummate professional in all aspects of law he practices. His response time is quick, and he is a man who pays attention to detail. All these traits make him an attorney I consistently refer my clients to for their legal needs. He has treated all my clients with the courtesy, and service all clients deserve. Michael is well versed in Real Estate, and Business; and is a great resource to my business and the needs of my clientele. I come across a lot of attorneys in my line of work; and Michael's work ethic, and commitment to his clients make him an easy person to refer my clients to. I highly recommend Michael and his law firm for any transactional needs."

- Leontios, Long Island, NY

"Michael is a well-rounded lawyer. He helped me set up my LLC. Between the articles of organization, publication requirement and bylaws he had it covered. He was not like some of the other lawyers who I spoke who said everything will be a piece of cake. He explained to me my options thoroughly so I was able to make the better decision for my business. I am very happy with Michael s work and I will recommend him to my family and friends."

- Alex, Brooklyn, NY

"I have had the pleasure of working with Michael on several occasions and highly recommend his services. Michael is sharp, thorough and professional. He has a plethora of knowledge when it comes to transactional law and is an outstanding negotiator. Again, I highly recommend Michael's legal services."

- James, Long Island, NY

"Michael's expertise is unlike anything out there. He brings personable qualities you can't find anywhere else. His attention to detail is unmatched. Without his services, I would not have been able to close one of the biggest contracts in the history of my company."

- Daniel, Brooklyn, NY

"After many years as a young Entrepreneur learning my way, finding a knowledgeable and trustworthy Lawyer became essential for my success. Micheal is a rare find because he is not only a Lawyer but an entrepreneur and business owner that understands the challenges ahead when going into business. The experience he brings to the table not only as a lawyer, but someone that has been in business before allows him to protect his clients just as he would protect himself. It is very hard to find Lawyers that can put themselves in your shoes, no law school can teach you that. That is why Michaels experience and professionalism is exactly what every entrepreneur needs on his side to survive the strenuous world of business!"

- Evan, Long Island, NY

 "Mr. Iakovou provided me with excellent legal assistance. Through his valuable efforts and expertise, I was granted a settlement deal that I'll always be thankful for. From day one, Mr. Iakovou demonstrated trust and loyalty to my labor case and me, as his client. He was very thorough in every step of the process, gathering as much information and facts to build a strong case on my behalf, all while maintaining constant communication with me by providing me with all updates along the way. Mr. Iakovou's investigation and expertise in labor law, coupled with strong negotiation skills, he succeeded to find me a settlement that I was very satisfied with. Mr. Iakovou was able to turn a complicated case into a successful one by investing 100% of his efforts into my case, and in turn I am now invested in him as a professional and reliable attorney. I highly recommend Mr. Iakovou for labor cases- not only for his extensive knowledge with the Hospitality Industry, but for his willingness to be there for his client, answering all questions, and providing professional and effective results."

- Tasos, Manhattan, NY