If you are facing deportation from the United States the government either believes that you are either residing the country illegally or that you have committed a crime while living in the US legally with a green card. In either case, you are under suspicion of having violated the law, and hence you need a deportation lawyer who will help you present your case to a judge who has the power to decide whether you can stay or must return to your country of origin.

Besides filling out the required forms, a deportation lawyer can make a number of arguments that may persuade a judge to allow you to stay in the United States:

If you are a green card owner, the criminal charge against you is either false or is not on the list of crimes that warrant deportation.

  • You are an American citizen because you have an American parent or grandparent.
  • You qualify for political asylum because you have a reasonable fear of persecution if you are forced to return to your home country.
  • You are entitled to a green card because an American citizen is an immediate relative.
  • You are entitled to a green card because you have long-term ties in the United States and are of good moral character.
  • Even if you are not eligible for a green card, the judge should employ his or her discretion if you have long-term ties in the United States and are of a good moral character and could rule that ICE should concentrate on undocumented immigrants who are a threat to the country.

Remember that the adage that anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a client applies in a deportation hearing. A lawyer will enhance your chances of getting a favorable outcome, if not at the hearing, then on appeal.

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