There is only one test involved in becoming a US citizen, but it comprises several parts. The major areas of concentration are American government, American history, and integrated civics. It is an oral examination given by a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services officer that consists of ten questions chosen from 100. You must answer 60% (6 out of 10) of the questions correctly in order to finalize your request for citizenship. 

American Government 

  • Principles deals with the historical documents that framed the country and are still relevant to life, namely the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and its amendments. You may also be confronted by questions concerning the country's economic system and interpretations of phrases such as "rule of law."
  • System questions focus on the three branches of government and their connections, powers, respective parts, terms of service, etc; political parties and hierarchies; and state government. 
  • Rights and Responsibilities questions concern rights that come with citizenship and the responsibilities of having them. 

American History

  • Colonial Period and Independence questions reference natives and the first immigrants, events surrounding and comprising The American Revolution, original states, and founding fathers. 
  • 1800s centers around wars during this period, especially The Civil War, and territorial expansion.
  • Recent American History and Other Important Historical Information covers economic crisis and world wars, especially World War II and the subsequent political fallout. They also touch on The Civil Rights Movement and American Indian tribes. 

Integrated Civics

  • Geography questions focus on land and water formations in and around the country, states that border other countries, national landmarks, and national territories. 
  • Symbols section questions the iconic symbols of the country like the significance of the stars and stripes on the flag and the national anthem. 
  • Holidays section covers Independence Day and the nine other national holidays of the year.

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