Obtaining a green card is one of the most difficult measures for many immigrants to the United States to achieve. Taking the proper tests, staying in the country for the right amount of time, and knowing all the necessary information to become a citizen can be very difficult. Taking the citizenship test is not the only way that you can get a green card or visa to stay in the country. You can also get a student visa or a green card based on your marriage to a United States Citizen.

The stipulations for getting a green card based on marriage status is not as simple as you might imagine however, there are a few different thing you must take into consideration. For starters, you must be of legal age to get married and must marry a citizen that is born here. Aside from just getting married, it must be performed legally and there must be proper witnesses to make sure that the marriage is legal and binding.

After you are married, you are not automatically a legal US citizen. You have a green card immediately after marriage which does keep you from being deported and after 5 years your green card can lead to naturalization. If you stay married to your spouse and live with them for three years you can then apply for naturalization with the green card that you attained through marriage. If at any time you get divorced or no longer live with the person you married your status is subject to change and may end in your being deported or in your having to get a new green card to be able to stay in the country legally.

If you have questions you should take the time to speak with an immigration attorney. Contact the team at the immigration law firm, Michael Iakovou and Associates, to make sure you are following the right steps to become a US citizen with a green card through marriage.