International travel is a complicated situation, particularly in today's political environment. With the current state of United States politics, there are numerous people who might find themselves banned from entering the United States. Geographically, one of the closest alternatives would be Canada. People who are banned from the United States might be asking themselves whether or not they will be allowed entry into Canada. There are a few questions that must first be answered.

Why am I Banned from the United States?

The first question that needs to be answered is why the person has been banned from the United States. Some people may be arbitrarily placed on a "banned" list for no reason other than their country of origin. These people would likely be allowed to enter into Canada. If the person has specifically been banned from the United States because of something that they've done, the question becomes slightly more complicated.

Does Canada have an Extradition Treaty with the Country I'm Coming From?

If someone has been banned from the United States because of something on their criminal record, the question is whether or not the person could be extradited from Canada back to their home country. An extradition treaty is a treaty that two countries have in place to prevent people from feeling justice. If Canada has an extradition treaty with the other country, it is likely that the person would be deported from Canada back to where they came from to stand trial. In this situation, people may not want to enter Canada if their goal is to flee their home country.

Ultimately, these are only a few of the questions that need to be answered if people are looking to enter Canada after being banned from the United States. Each case should be handled on an individual basis and people should think carefully about whether or not Canada is the right place for them.

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