A Long Island City Slip and Fall Attorney Representing the Injured in New York

Did you suffer injuries resulting from a fall at a business, public building or at your place of work?

It may be the result of negligence from the building or property owner. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of anyone who is allowed on their property. Unfortunately, it’s common for individuals to not take that responsibility seriously, resulting in serious injuries like head trauma, concussions and permanent disability.

If you believe that you have experienced an injury that occurred as the result of a negligent property owner, it’s important to secure an NYC slip and fall attorney who can understand the complexities of your case.

Although many conditions that result in an unsafe environment are simply common sense, there are factors that lead to injury that not everyone is aware of. The responsibility of property owners to provide safe conditions and avoid trip and fall accidents goes beyond warning visitors of a slippery floor! Some of the other conditions to consider include:

  • Poorly maintained flooring, resulting in loose tiles, broken floor board, or torn carpeting.
  • Unsafe stairwells resulting from loose steps, missing or broken handrails, or excessive debris.
  • Sudden changes in floor level without visible warning signs.
  • Ice on stairs, walkways or entranceways.
  • Construction equipment or debris left unattended in public areas.
  • Exposed electrical cables or poor lighting.

If one or more of these conditions were known by a business or property owner, but no steps were taken to correct them, they may owe you compensation for not only your medical bills, but lost income, emotional pain, and a diminished quality of life.

To prove that a property owner was negligent, an experienced attorney must show evidence of the following:

  • Unsafe conditions were the direct cause of the accident.
  • The property owner or manager was aware of the unsafe conditions.
  • A reasonable amount of time was available for the property owner or manager to post a warning or for the condition to be repaired.
In order to receive the compensation you’re truly owed, it’s important to secure representation from a local attorney who can establish these conditions as soon as possible. If you have reason to believe that you suffered a personal injury as a result of someone else’s negligence, contact the experienced attorneys at Iakovou Law to get your free case evaluation.