Get Professional Assistance from a Car Accident Lawyer in Long Island City

Were You Injured in a Car Accident? We Can Help You Get What You're Truly Owed!

Few daily activities are more dangerous than operating an automobile, yet many drivers fail to take these dangers to heart. Negligent individuals often end up seriously injuring their passengers and others on the road, placing a devastating burden on both the victims and their families. Michael Iakovou Law shifts this burden back to those who caused it. As an auto accident and personal injury lawyer based in Long Island City, we offer clients throughout New York City the support they need, both in and out of the courtroom. With our help, you can gain compensation after even the most devastating car or truck accident.

You Deserve Personal Injury Compensation for More Than Just Your Medical Bills!

Michael Iakovou and his team have experience aiding victims after a wide variety of automotive mishaps and understand all of the costs associated with auto accident injuries, including:

  • Medical Bills - Even if you have insurance, recovering from an auto accident can be exorbitantly expensive, especially if one of the vehicles involved was a truck. We make sure that the person who caused your injuries covers the full cost of healing, protecting you from financial hardship.
  • Lost Income - Whether due to time spent in the hospital or suffering a long-term disability, your injuries are likely to prevent you from working. The Michael Iakovou Law team can ensure that you get the compensation you need to be protected from financial hardships and ruin.
  • Pain & Suffering - The effect of an automobile injury on your quality of life and mental health is no small matter. If you have trouble sleeping or focusing due to chronic pain, we will get you compensation for both the pain itself and the care needed to relieve it.

Michael Iakovou Law handles every variety of accident, from the most devastating truck disasters to the seemingly-minor fender benders. No matter the nature or seriousness of your injury, we won’t rest until you have the compensation you deserve.

The Moral Urgency of Car Accident Compensation

Many think that demanding money in a personal injury lawsuit is a selfish act, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When you require the person who injured you to pay for the damage they caused, you send a message to all other drivers that negligence will not be tolerated. The road will become a safer place, as more people remember that it is in their own interest to drive responsibly. Moreover, the money you demand reduces the financial burden on your family, helping you all recover from your injury. It is both your right and your duty to hold the guilty party accountable.

For more information on compensation for auto accidents and other sources of injury, contact Michael Iakovou Law today.