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If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, it’s important to make sure you are getting fair treatment from your insurance company.

Michael Iakovou understands the unique challenges and concerns that often impact bike accident victims, and will provide contingency-based representation, so you don’t pay a penny unless you get the compensation you deserve. 

Bike accidents can lead to serious lifelong injuries, and the decisions you make now can affect the rest of your life.

Most pedestrian and bicycle accidents are the direct result of negligent drivers, and can lead to fractured bones, spinal cord injuries, neck injuries, organ damage, and other ailments that result in lost wages, steep medical bills, and a lifetime of pain and suffering. A professional bike accident attorney can help ensure that you receive compensation that truly represents the full extent of what you’re owed. 

What should I do if I’ve been hurt in a bike accident? 

  • Call the police and make a report. This allows important details to be officially documented.
  • See a doctor to receive the necessary treatment and get documentation of your injuries.
  • Your insurance company may call to offer you a settlement. Don’t accept their offer!
  • Contact the Iakovou Law Firm for a free case evaluation to determine what you’re truly owed.

Don’t Settle Until You’ve Consulted with a Bike Accident Lawyer!

It’s important that you do not allow the insurance company to bully you into accepting a low settlement offer. Often, when it comes to bike accident injuries, there are additional expenses and damages that are not immediately apparent, and your insurance company will do everything they can to avoid paying them.

You can get more than just compensation for your medical bills. An NYC personal injury case will consider many factors, including:

Loss of income: Depending on the severity of the accident, you may be unable to return to your previous work for days, weeks, or maybe years. You may be entitled to compensation for both past and future income that you would have received had you not been injured.

Ongoing medical care or rehabilitation: It is not uncommon for injuries incurred in a biking accident to lead to a lifetime of complications and the need for rehabilitation, resulting in staggering medical bills.

Diminished quality of life: If your injuries result in a disability that prevents you from enjoying normal activities that previously brought you happiness and fulfillment, you could be owed additional compensation.

Pain and suffering: Beyond the physical pain of being injured, bike accidents can cause emotional suffering resulting from strained relationships, financial difficulties, and stress. We can help make sure your compensation reflects the extent of your pain.

Contact Michael Iakovou, Long Island City’s trusted personal injury attorney, to receive your free case evaluation and find out what you’re truly owed!