Long Island Real Estate Attorney

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Whether You’re Buying Your First Home in New York, or Simply Making a Smart Real Estate Investment, We Can Help You. Michael Iakovou Specializes in Real Estate Law in Long Island, Astoria, Flushing, Brooklyn, and the Surrounding Areas.

To most people, buying or selling their home is the single, largest real estate transaction they will ever make. For others, buying and selling commercial property is. In either case, understanding the terms of the real estate contract is imperative to protecting yourself, your family, and your investment.

One of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Any Real Estate Transaction is Not Having your Contract Reviewed by a Qualified Real Estate Attorney. 

Buying a home, condo, commercial property, or coop in New York can be a complex real estate matter. As an experienced commercial and residential real estate attorneys we act on your behalf reviewing and/or challenging the real estate document, negotiating the purchase offer, providing legal guidance on title disputes, land use, and zoning issues. We can also provide legal assistance for your small business or startup.

If needed, as your trusted real estate lawyer, we can represent you on your landlord/tenant disputes, boundary and lot line disputes or other land contract issues. We are here to answer all of your legal transaction questions and provide you with solid legal advice on buying and/or selling real estate in New York.

For a strong advocate during your real estate transaction or real estate dispute, call Michael Iakovou and Associates, PC. at 718-545-5518. We’ll get it done right.