Personal Injury & Real Estate Case Results

Nothing Speaks Louder Than Actual Results!

At the end of the day, helping others is what makes us passionate about the law. Please take a moment to see some of the victories we’ve secured for clients who turned to us in a time of need.

Personal Injury Case Results

Car Accident

Successfully represented a client who was struck by another driver following too closely during an ice storm on the Queensboro 59th Street Bridge. After denying any and all liability, the defendant's insurance company finally settled with us for our client’s injuries due to the negligence of their insured.

Hit and Run

Successfully represented and settled a case for maximum value where our client was struck as a pedestrian in lower Manhattan by a driver who fled the scene. Using investigatory tactics, we were able to secure video footage that captured the incident on tape, as well as the driver's license plates. The defendant's insurance company offered us the maximum settlement amount.

Bicycle Accident

Successfully represented a biker in Manhattan who was hit by a truck.  The injuries to our client required surgery to his hand.  We were able to secure maximum settlement for our client! 

Slip And Fall

Successfully represented a gym guest who slipped on a negligently secured mat, causing her to fracture her wrist and hand. The defendant, a large company in Brooklyn, New York claimed zero responsibility.  After hard negotiations, we were able to secure a large settlement for our client.

Real Estate Case Results

Large Commercial Sale with Tax Abatement

Successfully negotiated the sale of a 4.3 million-dollar portfolio of buildings in Brooklyn, New York.  The buildings were subject to a variety of city tax abatement programs that required a high degree of attention and navigation.  

Investment Portfolio Sale

Successfully negotiated the sale and buy out among partners in a portfolio of investment properties in Astoria, New York.  

Multi-Family Unit Sale with Tax Abatement

Successfully negotiated the sale of a 16-unit multifamily building in Brooklyn, New York that was subject to J51 Tax abatement requiring New York City sign-offs and consents. 

This is just a small sample of the many cases we’ve successfully handled. For more information about how we can help you, contact us today for a free consultation and case evaluation.